Source: Olapade Agoro

President Muhammadu Buhari of very recent before the International community in far away Germany, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Markel, one of the global highly respected leaders, just about the time his thinking alike Mr. Donald Trump was also trumpeting his hate on ‘women’s right to lead’ during the campaign for the just concluded US Presidential election, had shockingly and wrongly declared that the role of his wife belongs “to the kitchen and the other room”
In somewhat shameful and dastardly manner perhaps the type the civilized peoples of the US and Western world had never been seen and or experienced before, Mr. Donald Trump publicly during the campaign made it known that “he would not accept the result of the election should he have lost to his opponent” Hillary Clinton. There and then he went on pillaging abuses and insults at a woman for that matter Hillary Clinton, with reckless abandon. He as well like never seen before evaded salient questions particularly raised on his tax payment issues. The terrible mistake people like Muhammadu Buhari and Donald Trump made on the right of women to lead ‘far beyond the kitchen’ will be found in the reality of the fact that they could not have become men, had women not warm poured blood on them to give them lives. Women in the altruistic sense is life milk giving to humanity’s strength of courage, productivity and good values worth celebrating. Women should at all cost be given and accorded rights to lead and excel.
What we all must keep taking into serious consideration is the fact that if Donald Trump had lost that election the pride of US democracy would have been hotly tested and possibly endangered. It was no doubt the worst ever election held in modern day US history having nothing in it for Africa to learn from. It was an election Hillary Clinton lost for the US democracy to survive.
Dr. Olapade Agoro (Aladura Patriarch) Owa’Tapa of Itapa Ijesa land, National Chairman/ former Presidential Candidate National Action Council.


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