No Desks, Teaching & Materials etc For Pupils
Sunday April 16, 2017 GMT 17:14
Asinɛsi is a neglected farming community which is located about 9.8 Kilometres away from Somanya, the Municipal capital of Yilo-Krobo.
Asinɛsi is sorrounded by three communities__Awuzamlem, Monu, and Nyewer. The total population of the community is estimated to about 1,000 people.
The community has a school. It is a dilapidated structure which provides classroom for Kindergarten to class three pupils. This school serves Asinesi and all its surrounding villages.
The only educational infrastructure has only one teacher. One untrained teacher who was posted there by the Youth Employment Authority in October 2016. The teacher, Bright Yevusanah, also doubles as the Headteacher of the school. He teaches all the classes and sometimes combines the classes in one class to teach them.
Pupils in the school have no tables and chairs to learn on. Fortunately for them, they borrow benches of a local church in the area and use them as desks.
At class three, the children who want to continue with their education have to walk daily to Somanya to access education. From Asinɛsi to Somanya is roughly two hours walk. So the children walk 4 hours (in and out) daily to access education, their basic fundamental human right.
The situation discourages many pupils from schooling. School drop out rates and teenage pregnancy is consequently on the ascendancy in Asinɛsi.
Bright Yevusanah, the only teacher at Asinɛsi who also doubles as the Headteacher told Kloma Hengme, the Krobo Advocacy and Heritage association, that he was posted to the school in October 2016 by the Youth Employment Authority (Y.E.A).
He said since he was posted, he has never been paid his salary by government. He said he survives on food stuffs given to him by the village folks.
Bright Yevusanah further told Kloma Hengme that he doesn’t stay in Asinɛsi.  He walks daily from Asitey, a surburb of Odumase-Krobo, to school every day.
”I trek 9.6 kilometres to school and back everyday as I stay at Asitey. Two of my colleagues posted here had stopped due to the harsh conditions.”
”The school has no Teaching and Learning Materials so I have to use my own textbooks to teach in addition to a Science textbook I have received from the Yilo-Krobo Educational office”, he further stated.
Hon Isaac Amanor, the assembly member of the area said had it not been the generosity and friendliness they as residents of Asinɛsi exhibit to the teacher, he would have also stopped teaching by now like his colleagues. Our situation is indeed sorrowful. What at all have we done to government for this kind of neglect”, he lamented.
Source: Kloma Hengme
For further Enquiries: 
Mr.  Otu Tamatey 

Story: Obrempong Nana Kwaku Ampomah


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