The people of Klikor and Some traditional areas have been in fear and panic over weeks now, after a mysterious beast has emerged in the traditional area from unknown place and had started haunting them especially at night, killing their goats, dogs, sheep and rams.

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Talking to Starmediaghana Reporter Dodzi Deku, Mr. Soadzede Amenyaglo, who is popularly known as “Ezumegbor”said he came face to face with this beast on 28th March, 2017 between 9:00 and 9:30pm at Nogokpo, a town near Agbozume.
 “The thing just looks like an ape. It has a hairy body, long nails and the features of a human being. It has four legs but it stood on it’s hind legs when it saw me. With the other two hands ready to attack me” he added
Narrating how he met the beast, Mr. Amenyaglo said ” I was from my house going to meet some friends in the town for us to hire a car to a place for a programme when I met the beast. It stood in front of me and looked at me from head to toe. I also stood boldly before it. With courage
He continued “I started calling the gods that I worship and at the same time shouting for help from the nearby houses. But nobody came out.
The beast left after some minutes of struggling . After some days, I visited the hospital for treatment because I was not feeling fine,but thank God I am feeling better now” he concluded.
Some people in the Klikor Zonal Council area also witnessed a similar event. According to them, the beast entered a woman’s house around 1:00am on the 11th of April, 2017, but did not cause any havoc. But had killed some dogs and rams in another house in the same area.
The assemblyman of the area Hon. Ignatius Kofi Futukpor  has visited the place and promised to have  an emergency meeting with the chiefs, Unit Committee members and opinion leaders to find a quick and lasting solutions to the problem in the electoral area.
Investigations indicate that this beast does not come out during the day but only at night. Moreover, it does not stay at one place. Also the beast is said to have been moving  from one place to the other. People must be careful. At night, they should move in twos and should not stay deep into the night.
Story by
Evans Kwaku Oboafi junior

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