As part of an impending schedule meeting between the ministry Lands  and Natural Resources and National Executive of the Ghana national Association of small scale miners , the interim Leadership of the  Ashanti chapter of the Association is meeting all small scale miners in the region on coming Tuesday 25th April, 2017 to discuss and address pertinent issues to influence decisions ahead of the ministerial meeting.
According to Mr. Adu Gyamfi, the communication director, the meeting will be also be  a platform for deliberations towards the rekindle and structuring of the Regional Association as a way for forging ahead in a unify form to improve their trade.
The Regional Association which has acquired a new secretariat is expected to get inputs of every member to formulate an action plan  in their   efforts to government plans to sanitize small scale mining.
With an exclusive interview with Mr.Kobena Aboagye, an Executive member of the association,
the meeting which will be held at the public service conference Hall at TUC will again nominate competent personnel to steer the affairs of the Association hence the need to invite members.
The statement  therefore urges all members as a matter of urgency and important to treat this information with all the attention it deserves.
Sign …
Mr Adu Gyamfi
Story by
Evans Kwaku Oboafi junior

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