Women in Middle of University of Ghana Sexual Assault

Women in Middle of University of Ghana Sexual Assault


The victim of the infamous sexual assault at the University of Ghana, Amina Haruna, is demanding for compensation after losing her job and her boyfriend in the process.

Speaking to Citi News, she said, “I used to have my own shop, I was fixing and selling weave. But after the incident I couldn’t go to the shop again because people were pointing fingers at me. The owner of the shop took over the structure because I couldn’t go there.”

Claiming she does not want her abusers to go to jail, she requested for compensation to set up her salon business saying, “I don’t want them to be punished but I want them to know it can happen to another woman in that hostel.

“I am not okay they have been set free; I just want them to compensate me with something, to have my shop. That way I will be focused. If I don’t have a man who will support me, my shop is there for me to work”

18 months after the incident, Amina said it has become very difficult to find a man.

“I had a guy I was staying with but because of the incident he left me. I wish one day I can have a man and a family but that is not possible. But now am not even thinking about a man. If I say am going to date a man, how will I explain it to him,” She said.

Source: Ghana Vision


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