Abraham Ayesu Explains
The 2016 general elections which saw our incorruptible HE Nana Addo win massively did not happen through chant or malicious means(as characterised with the NDC) . People like us stepped in the mud with hard work, endurance, boisterousness, focus, and sacrifice, risking our very lives to ensure that Our party takes over from the NDC’s poor economic management of Ghana.
AJUMAKO ENYAN ESSIAM constituency witnessed an aggressive kind of football match, like one between Man United(NDC) and a local team(NPP) in Ghana
Let’s go on.
AJUMAKO constituency is the largest in Central Region in terms of land mass and number of towns and villages.
Our campaign train never run shot of coal nor diesel on any material day. V16 team Cum constituency team touched every soul in every corner of AJUMAKO, for the Change agenda was dear to our hearts.
Financial and material resources were our major challenges.
Hon. Ransford Emmanuel Kwesi Nyarko of the NPP was fighting with a real beast of the NDC, Hon. Ato Forson.
Ato was beastly in Cash and materials, and you’ve got to understand me.
Not only was he an MP, he was the deputy minister for Finance. Imagine. He was also the Campaign manager for their party across the whole central region. I mean all the NDC aspiring MP’s, including John Mahama, had their hopeful logistics for campaign with Ato Forson.
Ransford never relented because he knew the battle was the Lord’s.
Before election day, splashes of crates of soft and hard drinks, bags of rice with its accompaniments, deceitful erection of electric poles, shoddy tiring of roads and lavish spending at uninvited functions, all to retain power.
Let me be straight forward
Nana Addo won massively won to the amazement of NDC BIGWIGS. We defied the powers of money with our True Talks
We demystified the threats with cutlass and attacks.
We repositioned the people’s minds on gifts for elections
We resurrected their dead interest to Vote
And Nana Won.
*The story Today*
Despite all that we put in place for victory over the corrupt, insensitive NDC, NOT a single Member of the Party down here has been given any HIGH Place to occupy in government.
And I asked
Doesn’t Ajumako have any Elite of a good standing fit enough for a proper, well recognised position in government?
Is this happening because we lost our parliamentary seat to the NDC?
Or its a kind of tactical delay?
We can’t be compensated with an automatic position of a DCE. No. And nothing again?
We shall continue to pursue the change agenda squarely as staunch patriots.
Once the change is here, Party executives at all levels, as a matter of urgency Change their minds on any preconceived ill perceptions about Ajumako harboured on their kind hearts and offer at least one person a higher place. To make us proud as partakers of a good course.
Not only a DCE.
Abraham Ayesu
V16 Communications Director
Evans Kwaku Oboafi junior

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