Ensure that Galamsey pits does not serve as dead traps — Mouthpiece of Amenfi Central (MAC) involves the youth within Amenfi Central District Who have united to fight for the development of the district since the level of development lowered under the Amenfi west district.
 We the members of MouthPiece Of Amenfi Central (MAC) are showing our appreciation to H.E Addo Danquah Akufu Addo and the Npp administration for appointing Hon John Peter Amewu as  the minister for lands and natural resources.
 Mouthpiece of Amenfi Central urges the minister for lands and natural resources Hon John Peter Amewu, the western regional minister Dr, kwaku afriyie,Mp for Amenfi Central constituency Hon Peter Yaw Kwakye Ackah and the chiefs and elders of our various communities, to ensure that all pits created by Gallamsey operators in our communities are properly refilled to avoid serving as dead traps for the commuters and future generations.
 We are much grateful to the Npp administration, the minister for lands and natural resources and the media at large for their contributive efforts to ensuring Gallamsey free in mother Ghana.
         We are therefore stating emphatically that the effort to solving this activities of Gallamsey operations in Ghana has been very beneficial to us and we are in full support of that course. since our chiefs and elders have negligently Over watch the activities of Gallamsey and gradually  destroyed the natural vegetation, thereby endangering the lives of the present andfuture generations  the  in our communities.           Land and water bodies which served our community with food and revenue  for livelihood have turned into death traps.
 Drinkable water like Akotosu, Dan Nyame, Subri, Ankobra,Totoa  Nkaakaa etc are of no use today through the activities of Gallamsey operators.         Farming lands for the cultivation of cocoa, rice, maize, sugar cane etc can’t serve their purpose again all by the activities of this same Gallamsey operators rendering the future of the youth and the future generations at high risk.
               We once again  congratulate H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akufu Addo and the Npp administration for appointing Hon John Peter Amewu as the minister for lands and natural resources and the media fraternity for their support in fighting against Gallamsey but much concerns are needed in our noble communitie to help save the lives of the youth and the generations unborn.  We are humbly appealing to the western regional minister,  the Mp for Amenfi central and the chief and elders of our community to totally end Gallamsey in our community.
 Communities such as Jedua Kesse, Agona Amenfi, Ankasie, Ajakaa Manso, Manso Amenfi etc are all filled with Gallamsey pits within the towns which needs to be filled to help save lives in our communities before we loss more lives.
In Agona Amenfi for instance, such Galamsey pits have claimed not less than four lives. So we are once again appealing to the various office to as a matter of urgency help refill such pits.
Long live(MAC)
Long live Amenfi Central.
Long live mother Ghana.
Mr Pious Ango Philip President
Anoma Okodie
Media Relations Officer
Evans Kwaku Oboafi junior

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