Fire breaks out at a world-famous cancer research centre…

IMG-20170426-WA0027Patients and staff are evacuated from a busy hospital after a fire breaks out at a world-famous cancer research centre
By Richard Spillett for MailOnline
Emergency services were called to near the Christie Hospital, Manchester today
The hospital has now been evacuated and nearby roads have been closed
The fire is on the roof of a Cancer Research building, with huge flames seen
Patients have been evacuated from a Manchester cancer hospital after a huge blaze ripped through a world-famous research building next door.
Thick black smoke was spotted coming from The Christie at around 10.35am, prompting staff and visitors to spill out onto the street as firefighters tackled the flames.
The fire took hold on the roof of The Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, formerly known as The Paterson Institute. Several roads around the hospital have been closed.
Source.   Mailonline
Evans Kwaku Oboafi junior

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