Obrempong Nana Kwaku Ampomah
It’s amazing and surprising to me the zeal some Ghanaians have and use it to watch Telenovela offlate.
 What is this country turning to? Some great ministers of God are looking for TV stations to air what God is doing in uplifting,upbringing and extending the kingdom of God but they won’t get it.
 Talking of sponsorship I won’t talk of it but Ghana TV stations shows these Telenovela’s from Korea,India, Philippians, Mexico, Brazil etc without those county’s sponsoring them. Come to think of this; will these countries mentioned above show any of Ghanaians series on their TV? Whether being Local series or the one made with English? Yet we Ghanaians, some can’t resist these telenovelas.
 One thing that baffles me is these films are acting and the viewers are just watching to compare their marriages forgetting that some of them are pretenders in most of these Telenovela’s.
 There was a case, which by these same telenovelas, a man beat his wife to death, all because he’s been able to afford a TV and a DVD player without these digibox which gives access to watching these telenovelas, so when he comes home after work, he’ll come to find his wife NOT in the house leaving their two-year-old child in the room alone and crying.
She’ll be in another man’s room watching telenovelas, and when he goes there to ask of his food, she’ll still be there and direct her husband to where his food is, on top of her voice as if they are fighting.
Out of anger one day, he hit his wife and when she fell down, she died and the man has been imprisoned.
Now, students have ignored their books and replaced them with telenovelas. Students are now learning from telenovelas instead of studying their books, hence their poor performance for few years now.
We are therefore appealing to the National Media Commission, Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Corporate bodies and Agencies to rise up to this.
 Let’s rise to support Education and bring sanity to our homes and let’s support the word of God and live with and stop learning from some of the pretenders in these movies.

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