Army commander suspended over galamsey – Repor

Commanding officer of second Battalion of Infantry (2Bn),Lieutenant Colonel GNK Hoenyedzi
Lieutenant Colonel GNK Hoenyedzi, the commanding officer of second Battalion of Infantry (2Bn), Takoradi, has been suspended and recalled to the Southern Command headquarters in Accra to face an inquiry for allegedly lending support to illegal miners in the region.
A report by Accra-based Atinka FM said Hoenyedzi engaged in illegal seizure of cars and provided armed escorts to galamsey operatives in the region.
The report says some excavators which were seized from illegal miners and placed in the care of his unit also disappeared mysteriously, prompting his superiors in Accra to suspend and investigate him.
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The development comes at a time that Ghanaians are railing against galamsey, which has destroyed the environment in several parts of the country.
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Lands and water bodies have especially been destroyed, with some experts warning that if galamsey is not contained, Ghana will be importing water in the near future.
This has led the government to launch a war against galamsey that has targeted Ghanaians as well as Chinese citizens who engage in the activity.
President Akufo-Addo has vowed to deal with illegal miners, especially the Chinese citizens involved in the act. “We all know the laws of Ghana have no sympathy for nationality whatsoever.
The law affects everybody including the Chinese. It does not give permits to visitors or anybody to engage in illegal mining. Whosoever is caught will be made to full rigour of the law,” he said.

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