How can I be smart, genius, wise or intelligent!

smartIntelligence comes from Knowledge. Knowledge comes from Practice ( that is learning, working & experience).

All three (3) are very important and if you follow the following 3 and make it a habit of yourself, nothing will stop you from getting smarter day by day. It’s a never ending process by the way.

  1. Learning – Read a lot. Read variety of subjects including history, science, maths, language, logic, philosophy. Read in detail. Ask questions, go deeper and explore as much as you can. Do not stop learning. Also add visual forms of learning to your reading habits. For example – watch video programming on the same subjects. It makes the learning stick to you longer, otherwise you tend to forget things you have read before.
  2. Working – employ your learning to some practical usage. May be teach, may be take a job, may be write. Make the learning work for you, or work to learn more.
  3. Experience – Learn from experience. Learn new things that has not been taught, but something as a by product of your experience doing things, observing things. Derive new things, ideas. Imagine and use your learned, observed and work experience to create or influence new things.

Thats it. Over time with all your reading, working and experience, you will see yourself becoming more “Aware” and that’s the intelligence you were looking for.

Some people say Intelligent people are born that way. But I disagree. May be they are special but they do work hard and they do have some specific traits.

Intelligence comes from Knowledge and Knowledge comes from practice (learning, working and experience). Intelligent people knowingly or unknowingly follow this logic. Here are some of the traits that smart people carry on. They follow most or all of the these traits. If you follow most of them, I am sure you will be on right track of becoming smarter yourself.

  • Intelligent people ask many questions.
  • Intelligent people read a lot.
  • Intelligent people learn a lot.
  • Intelligent people grasp a lot
  • Intelligent people dig deep, they go in detail.
  • Intelligent people focus on raising their awareness, 360 degree awareness.
  • Intelligent people are interested in variety of things, not just one subject.
  • Intelligent people work hard.
  • Intelligent people experiment. They fail and fail again to achieve success.
  • Intelligent people explore.
  • Intelligent people stay focused.
  • Intelligent people have fun.
  • Intelligent people are mix of artistry and technicality – some are more artistic than technical and vice versa, but they do use both sides of their brain – logical side and artistic side.

If someone does have most of the above traits, you can consider them to be smart enough.

Posted by: Isaac Mintah – Professor 


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