Plane passenger ‘kicked off’ Delta Air Lines flight for ‘going to the toilet’ while jet delayed on runway

A major airline has been blasted amid claims it removed a passenger who went to the toilet while the plane was delayed on the runway.

Kima Hamilton asked the crew if he could use the toilet after the Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee had been delayed for 30 minutes.

The 39-year-old DJ and poet told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel : “We weren’t taking off. We were still. The plane isn’t moving.”

But plane crew refused to allow him to use the bathroom and Kima returned to his seat in the incident on April 18.

However, as the delay dragged on, Kima quickly nipped to the bathroom.

Kima was kicked off the flight for using the toilet (Photo: Kay GLR/Youtube)

He said: “The pilot came on and said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we have to return to the gate and remove a passenger’. It escalated to that point that fast.”

And when he was asked to leave the plane by two Delta officials, KIma said he calmly refused.

The whole plane was then forced to disembark and reboard the plane while hen was interviewed by police and Delta personnel in the airport.

Delta have refunded part of his ticket and Kima was not arrested.

Delta said: “Our flight crews are extensively trained to ensure the safety and security of all customers.

Kima used the bathroom after there was a delay (Photo: Kay GLR/Youtube)

“It is imperative that passengers comply with crew instructions during all phases of flight, especially at the critical points of takeoff and landing.


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