Libya is hell; don’t waste your time – Returnees caution

newsSome Ghanaian nationals who returned from Libya, Thursday, have advised their countrymen who intend leaving the shores of Ghana for greener pastures in the North African country to rescind their decision.
The returnees who spoke to Ghanaweb at the Kotoka International Airport made shocking revelations about the plight and death of some Ghanaians in Libya which subsequently informed their decision to return home.
They expressed regrets leaving a “peaceful Ghana” and travelling to a “lawless Libya” on foot through the desert.
“There are so many criminals there. The environment is not conducive. Even if you struggle to work, some people will take your money from you forcefully. Their currency has really depreciated to the extent that you can work for four months before getting an equivalent of $1. There is nothing in Libya. You just work for nothing” one said.
Early this year, reports were rife that some Ghanaians and other people of African descent had been arrested and beheaded for no just cause.
Asked if they witnessed such an incidence, one replied in the negative but added that three people died when they were camping and awaiting a flight to convey them back to Ghana.
In a related development, 253 Nigerian nationals who were stranded in Libya have returned home with the help of the United Nations migration agency International Organisation for Migration (IOM).
“They were selling some of us like wood from one guard who will take us to some destination and again sell us to another who will now be our new owner. That will take us again to some distance and say his contract with us has expired and again sell us to another person,” one of the returnees identified as Mary told the Vanguard.
Evans Kwaku Oboafi junior

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