About Us

sms logoExecutive Summary

The purpose for this company is to recruit and develop talent of individuals by training them on Graphic Designing, Movie Production, Advertisement and Website Development to earn them a living, as well as offering value to our customers/clients through our services.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become topmost multimedia company in the country by providing best multimedia services to people across the country through Graphic Designing, Movie Production, Advertisement and Website Development.

Management Team

The company shall employ top management team who will be responsible for its assets management. The Company shall reach it maximum requirements if the proposed leaders below perform their assigned responsibility accordingly.

Isaac Mintah – Managing Director

The Managing Director, will organize the business, finance and multimedia services and also meeting the producer and other senior staff to examine project ideas by drawing up project schedule and estimating cost of hiring crew and contractors, and negotiating rates of remuneration costs and approving the booking of resources, equipment and suppliers


Overseeing location bookings and arranging any necessary permissions and risk assessments

Making sure that the production runs according to schedule, and report to the producers on progress

Managing the production schedule and budget of the team, dealing with any problems making sure that insurance, health and safety rules, copyright laws and union agreements are followed.

Prior the mission statement of the Company, we shall recruit individuals with fundamental education, at least Senior High School graduate would be highly considered.

Moreover the team members who will manage this company will have extensive knowledge in regards to the business objective to run the company successfully.

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Maxwell Ayitey-Kpoh – Marketing Manager

He oversee the creation and planning of marketing campaigns for the company and also liaise with Distributors, film studios, filmmakers other clients and customers who will be dealing with our company.

Maxwell holds HND in Graphic designing and has adopt well knowledge in film making, marketing and other multimedia services.

Francis Nana Ofori – Business Development Officer

Business Development Officer for the company and also be responsible for filming script preparations. He will

also be responsible for identifying sales leads, pitch goods or services to new clients and maintain a good working relationship with new contacts. Communicating new product developments to prospective clients. Overseeing the development of marketing literature. Writing reports.

Francis Ofori is a Senior High School graduate with very good knowledge in Business Development in regards to Multimedia Services as the company’s implies.

Diana Mensah – Business Administrator

Business Administrator for the company, she will be working in a fast-paced dynamic environment. Respond to pressures, which may arise from our clients. Some of her typical responsibilities shall include:

Developing marketing plans that suit client needs and objectives.

Implementing marketing plans using social media, websites and other        multimedia tools

Managing the e-commerce sections of clients’ websites

Creating multimedia products that serve the branding and promotional interests of the employer or client

Representing the interests of the client or employer to the public

Launching media campaigns and composing press releases

To keep up-to-date with social media trends and competitor activity, providing monthly reports and recommendations to the Managing Director, Marketing Manager and Business Development Officer

To assist in filming and editing interviews and short promotional videos, covering events and promoting our business.

Products and Services

The Company will provide the following services:

  1. Graphic Designing

  2. Website Development

  3. Movie Production

  4. Advertisement

Our company will be full-Service Branding Agency and Creative Design Company.

We will provide graphic design services, company logo design, print, marketing and web design, to businesses globally.

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Customers and Target Market

Our Target Market is to attract the General public such as Schools, Companies, Church, Youth Clubs, Non-Governmental Organization and individuals to have their services with us.

The company shall reduce its services charges to an average level in other to attractive more customers and also to sustain frequency of the company’s services.

The company will develop and sell it website, social media platform and also offer other networking services to its customers.

Marketing Methods

Our marketing strategies shall base on below listed.

  • Posters

  • Fliers

  • Coupons

  • Tv Ads

  • Internet Ads

  • Social Media

  • Cold Calling

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Outbound Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Viral Marketing

  • Seasonal Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Direct Marketing

  • Tradeshow Marketing

  • Telemarketing

  • SMS Marketing

  • Door – To – Door

Marketing Outline

The Company’s Marketing will be run through social media advertising, SMS advertising, email advertising and all other procedures to meet our market expectations

Production Profile

The production company is responsible for the development and filming of a specific production or media broadcast. In entertainment, the production process begins with the development of a specific project. Once a final script has been produced by the screenwriters, the production enters into the pre-production phase, most productions never reach this phase for financing or talent reasons. In pre-production, the actors are signed on and prepared for their roles, crew is signed on, shooting locations are found, sets are built or acquired, and the proper shooting permits are acquired for on location shooting. Actors and crew are hand-picked by the producer, director, and casting director, who often use collaborators or referenced personnel to prevent entrusted or unwelcome people from gaining access to a specific production and compromising the entire production through leaks. Once a production enters into principal photography, it begins filming. Productions are almost never cancelled once they reach this phase. Encodes are often used on bigger productions during filming to conceal the production’s shooting locations for both privacy and safety reasons. In many cases, the director, producers, and the leading actors are often the only people with access to a full or majority of a single script. Supporting actors, background actors, and crew often never receive a full copy of a specific script to prevent leaks. Productions are often shot in secured studios, with limited to no public access, but they are also shot on location on secured sets or locations. Due to the exposure, when shooting in public locations, major productions often employ security to ensure the protection of the talent and crew working on a specific production. After filming is completed, the production enters into post production, which is handled by a post-production company and overseen by the production company. The editing, musical score, visual effects, re-recording of the dialog, and sound effects are “mixed” to create the final film, which is then screened at the final screening. Marketing is also launched during this phase, such as the release of trailers and posters. Once a final film has been approved, the film is taken over by the distributors, who then release the film.